About HKMX Products

Frosts Food and Beverage is the appointed exclusive distributor for HKMX (Hong Kong Mei-Xin) products since 2006. We are proud to represent and distribute a brand which is committed to the highest standards of quality.  

About HKMX Mooncakes

The legend began with our Double Yolk White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake.

In 1987, HONG KONG MX Mooncakes launched the first box of Yolk Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake in Hong Kong and received good market response. Since 1998, Hong Kong Mei Xin has consistently been the Number One mooncake seller in Hong Kong, with our best seller being the Double Yolk White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake. We have been the top selling brand for 21 years*.

Apart from mooncakes, we carry on the spirit of excellence throughout the Maxims Group – continuously striving for the best quality with high innovation. 

During the Lunar New Year, we make Chinese New Year puddings, Tuen Ng Rice Dumplings, preserved sausages as well as many exquisite bakery products throughout the year such as eggrolls, cookies, hearty butter pastries and almond mille-feuille. Besides quality, we put emphasis on stylish and innovative packaging designs, making our products the best choice for both corporate and personal gifting.

Setting The Trend with Creation of the first of its kind – Lava Mooncakes

In 2014, HONG KONG MX Mooncakes launched the first Lava Custard Mooncake. The then newly launch product revolutionized the Egg Custard Mooncake category. Not willing to sit on our laurels we have since introduced the Lava Egg Yolk with White Lotus Mooncake, which is a new take on the most traditional of mooncakes. In 2015 we were crowned the top seller in the Egg Custard Mooncake category^ Hong Kong and we have not looked back since. We have been number one for 4 consecutive years. 

Awarded Michelin’s International Honour for Quality Food

HONG KONG MX has continuously won many internationally recognized quality achievements – Monde Selection International Quality Awards. Our hero products are White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with 2 Egg Yolks and Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with 2 Egg Yolks, Lava Custard and Creamy Egg Custard Mooncake as well as Snowy Mooncake. Even our eggrolls, hearty butter pastries and almond mille-feuille have been continuously recognised for their excellent quality. These awards serve as international acknowledgement for our product quality and our relentless pursuit for excellence.

*According to the Nielsen Research Report 1998 – 2018 of Mooncakes Market in Hong Kong

^According to the Nielsen Research Report 2015 - 2018 of Egg Custard Market in Hong Kong



1987年,美心推出第一盒雙黃蓮蓉月餅,市場反應良好;1998年,美心雙黃白蓮蓉月餅矚目推出,同年更成為香港銷量第一*,自此連續二十年,及後,美心月餅憑藉持續不變的優良品質和持續創新的精神,每一年皆奪得全港所有月餅銷量第一*,今年已是連續第20年,實在是飲食業界中最高榮耀。除月餅外,我們秉承美心集團的卓越品質與努力創新的精神,為中國傳統的年度節日精心準備各式包裝食品 – 如蘿蔔糕、年糕、端午粽子、鮮肉臘腸,更有全年供應的餅食 - 如雞蛋卷、曲奇餅、甜心酥及杏仁條等,包裝設計時尚新穎,廣告宣傳突破創新。


2014年美心首度推出第一個流心奶黃月餅,為月餅市場革命性地開創一個有別於傳統和冰皮的全新月餅類別 - 奶黃月餅,其後更推出流心蛋黃白蓮蓉,更由2015年起連續第三年全港銷量第一^,從此引領月餅走向另一潮流。今年,我們將推出全新設計的包裝及不同組合的禮盒,匯聚成「流心月餅系列」,獨有的中秋味道,從心回味,更「圓滿」更「圓美」.

美心食品,勇奪世界食品「米芝蓮 」

邁進千禧,我們的出品陸續贏取國際食品獎項 - 比利時Monde Selection世界優質食品獎,包括皇牌經典雙黃白蓮蓉及雙黃蓮蓉月餅,首創流心奶黃及香滑奶黃月餅和冰皮月餅,更有雞蛋卷、甜心酥及杏仁條,多年來獲獎無數,充分肯定了美心食品的品質和彰顯品牌的成就。